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помогите составить 20 предложений со словами thank miss invitation letter lucky picking berries gathering mashrooms make pictures recognize really tooth very great idea was tike dear пожалуста помогите мне завтра уже отдавать училке

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Thank you. I missed my friends. I received invitation from Ann. This letter was fun. I wish you lucky. George was picking plums. You can find such berries everywhere. We shut gathering of information about an object. He knows the woods, and we often go for mushrooms. I was able to make my own sentences. There are so many beautiful pictures in the Tretyakov art gallery! The witness recognized the suspect. I"m really sorry. You'd better have that bad tooth pulled out.  I am very glad to see you. Tom is a great asset to the basketball team. They gave up the idea of selling their car. It was good. The boy is tike (грубиян). Dear friend, we have just received your letter.

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